About Us

We are a South African family of four, living in Cincinnati, Ohio. We bought the Sunset Serenade and Limetree Cottage properties on St John almost exactly 20 years after our first visit to the Caribbean in 1999. The stars aligned and we couldn’t be happier to have two dream properties on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Originally from Cape Town, our family has gotten used to traveling around the world and sharing new adventures together. We met each other as students in the beautiful wine country of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Ingrid started her private practice as a psychologist and Pieter started working at a large US multinational. Our son, Jean, was born shortly before we decided to take the opportunity to move to the United Arab Emirates.

Our daughter, Nicola, was born in Abu Dhabi where we lived for almost five years. In between Abu Dhabi and Cincinatti we made stops in Houston and Shanghai, China.

Jean, loves science, enjoys breaking things apart just to put it back together again, likes playing soccer and to be with his friends playing games. Nicola, is a typical 9 year old who loves volleyball, making slime and playing with our two wiener dogs, Sadie and Astro.

We have come to appreciate new destinations and cultures during our travels, and we have experienced many times the wonderful side of staying at places that make both adults and kids feel at home and pampered. But we also know what can make a stay uncomfortable and what can spoil the experience of staying at a holiday destination and enjoying a new adventure.

We are looking forward to sharing our homes in the Caribbean with you and trust you will enjoy the small things as well as the bigger aspects about your stay in St John.

Pieter, Ingrid, Jean & Nicola