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Mask up!

Our Suites are going through extra cleaning procedures although the case count on St John is still fairly low. We have removed “non essential” items such as books and games from the suites as an additional precaution. If you need anything specific let us know and we will ensure it is adequately cleaned prior to use. We also highly encourage and appreciate you bringing masks for wear in commercial spaces, as well as packing any hand sanitizer and wipes that may be in limited supply on island.

In light of the COVID virus, we are recommending guests to take caution on their arrival day in an effort to help the community remain safe with incoming air travel.  We would ask that you go straight to the car rental, head to Island Abodes for a quick shower/change of clothes, and fresh mask before heading out.  

If you wish to have groceries stocked in the apartment, Starfish does a great job with delivery and are easy to coordinate with.  They also offer a pick up option.  We have eliminated same day checkout/checkin when possible, so if your flight arrival is earlier in the day we should be able to assist with an early checkin, please just let us know.