Although we normally think of traveling with luggage and we have gotten used to traveling with luggage, traveling without luggage can be done. It may not be the most convenient thing but it definitely can be done and can make traveling a lighter load. This also prevents you from having to worry about the dimensions of your luggage, the things inside of your luggage, and paying extra baggage fees while traveling by plane because you will not have any luggage. It can make traveling a lot easier. Follow these tips in order to begin traveling without luggage.

The Basics

If you are a woman, you will want to carry a large purse. If you are a man, you can use a duffle bag or a backpack. This can be packed full of your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, change of underwear, pajamas, and makeup if you wear it. These basic items will hold you over and get you through needing the basic things if there is an emergency while traveling and you get delayed.

Shipping Packages

The best thing to do when traveling without luggage is to have your packages shipped to your vacation villa seven to ten days ahead of time. Many hotels will just keep your packages and keep them safe until you arrive at your destination. Be sure that your packages do not have much value in case they are lost in the shipping process. You want to ensure that the packages arrive during your stay at the villa, as there may be other people staying there in the days before you arrive.

Small Purchases

You will then need to purchase the things that you did not have shipped or packed in your carry-on bag. Things like shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, etc. can be purchased in a small sized bottle. In some cases, the vacation villa may have some amenities that you can use. If you want to be sure you have what you need and don’t have to use a different brand or product from what you normally use at home, just find a store near your vacation villa and shop there.

Only Take What You Need

The best way to avoid traveling with much luggage or any luggage at all is to only take what you need. Most people overpack and don’t wear or use have of what they bring on vacation. If you are staying in a beach villa that has everything you need, you may get by with just bringing a couple of outfits and a swimsuit. Be sure to think about what you will do on your vacation and only take what you need. It will be nice to have less to keep track up while on vacation.